My path so far has included many turns, twists, stops, starts, and restarts. I suspect that won't change much in the future, and it's perfectly all right with me. Once upon a time, I believed in fairy tales and happily ever after. I hoped and even expected life to make sense. These days, I view my life as an odd, interesting, and very colorful tapestry of experiences, woven together with the words I have thought, spoken, written, and edited.


Words to Counsel and Encourage


I'm fascinated with people's life stories. I imagine that's the reason I enjoy reading biographies and editing memoirs. It's also part of the reason I pursued a master's degree in counseling and guidance. After graduating, I worked as a counselor with an employee assistance program, where I counseled a wide range of people, from postal workers to secretaries to CEOs. I also created and presented numerous training programs/workshops and wrote articles for the program's newsletters.


Words for Career Development


Learning is one of my favorite things to do, and universities are among my favorite places to spend time. So when I had an opportunity to ply my trade as a counselor at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, I grabbed it. In addition to helping graduating seniors create resumes and land a great job, my position as Assistant Director for Career Planning and Placement involved presenting workshops and seminars to help them learn how to interview successfully. I managed the computerized campus recuriting program and and wrote manual and handouts to help students navigate the process. As the coordinator for the annual career fair, I also worked with recruiters from more than 300 companies.


Words for Self-Improvement


I am, at heart, a solopreneur. In my initial venture into self-employment, I used my experience as a career counselor to launch Possibilities Success Oriented Services and expanded my career counseling client base to include a variety of age groups and experience levels. My services included the creation of resumes and cover letters and one-on-one consultations. I also presented workshops to help individuals and workgroups develop career/life balance.


Words for Print Publications


A chance meeting during promotional activities for my business led me to a contract position as managing editor for a monthly business magazine. In addition to editing the content, I wrote feature articles, columns, and press releases. I had the opportunity to create and edit online content, as well. When a colleague who specializes in book design asked me to edit a book for one of her clients, I launched The Write Friend to promote my editing services. That site, which has served me well for many years, is now evolving into a resource for writers.


Words for the Web


While continuing to provide editing for authors and business clients, I discovered a new (to me) and fascination language: HTML. By reverse engineering several websites, I gradually learned to create websites, doing all the coding line by line. It was an amazing learning experience. When a graphic design colleague expressed an interest in teaming up to create websites for clients, I jumped right in. I learned the principles of SEO and online marketing and soon added those to the services we offered. I have since developed expertise in CSS, as well.


Words for Content and Consultation


This site is the culmination of my journey as a solopreneru. The bySCS site encompasses my experience, education, and interests and provides a home base for the editing, writing, and webmaster services that I offer. At the core of everything are words. While the packaging and the intent may differ from one project to another, my focus remains the same: selecting, polishing, and packaging words that inspire, encourage, inform, and persuade.




My resume is available upon request.